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SecretGameDeveloper's Profile Picture
A name means nothing on DA.
Hello Mr. or Ms. Visitor that is reading, I don't know how you got here but... Welcome to my DeviantArt!

Let me introduce myself...
I am SecretGameDeveloper a.k.a SGD, but... Why do I call myself in this way? Because it's my codename.
I born in Brazil and I'm descendant of japanese people, I can call myself a Brazilian (born in Brazil) and Japanese (I lived in Japan for four years).
I love the culture from both countries Brazil and Japan or Brasil e Japão (translating to portuguese (Brazil)).
I finished my university last year in 2016, I studied ASD (Analysis and Systems Development).

What I like?
I love playing games, I like developing games with RPG Maker and now I'm learning how to use Unity.
I'm a person addicted to technology, like you see in Sci-Fi Animes and Movies.
I like some 80s Animes, 90s Animes and some actual Animes.
I like drawing things in Anime style.
I have many interests like I mentioned in Interest in deviantID:
"Unity Gaming Development, Robotic Engineering, Learning Advanced Programming Languages."

I like many kinds of music, I will say:
I started to listen the band Asian Kung-Fu Generation (Alternative rock, indie rock).
Then I started to listen Perfume (J-pop, Electropop).
Then I started to listen Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (J-pop, dance-pop).
Then I started to listen Sakanaction (Alternative rock, indie rock).
Then I started to listen The Square/T-Square/T-Square Plus (Jazz Fusion).
Then I started to listen Legião Urbana (Post-punk, punk rock, art rock).
And now I started to listen X Japan (Heavy metal, power metal).

Some musics inspires me when developing my games.

What I'm doing now?
I'm trying to find a job related to what I studied in university, to be honest... now it's really hard to find any jobs at where I live, in 2015 and 2016 a lot of companies have closed and dismissing many employees and a lot of people are unemployed.
Even my teacher lost a job in a company at where he was working because the company have closed, but for his luck, he had other jobs.
I'm taking a break of game developing.
To keep my DeviantArt alive, I will start making some drawings when I find free time.

Old SGD and New SGD?
I will be honest, in the beggining of 2017 I wasn't feeling so happy, I started to lost motivation and incentive with bad things happening...
My mother noticed it, she talked with me and later my father talked to me in the phone trying to make me more positive.
I decided to leave everything, then one day I really got sad and I deleted everything without thinking.
But I noticed that some people didn't like what I did to myself.
I almost lost this DeviantArt, 14 days left to deactivation, so... at least I could get my account back in time (phew).
I decided to resurrect in DA because I learned a lesson with people that I met in AnimeUW community and I know that some of them still care of me.
If I throw away everything that I got in one year of SGD, I would make more people upset.
But now, I resurrected in DeviantArt, I will try to be different now, I will try to fix my mistakes and start something better for now.

What I'm doing in DeviantArt?
A lot of people will misunderstand when seeing what I do in DeviantArt.
Some of them will think that I'm pervert or something else, but no, they're wrong.
First of all, I don't like pornographic things and nudity...
I'm not the only one that do this, I know many of people that do the same things that I do in DeviantArt, but with different style and in a different way.
C'mon, let's not be hypocrites, who never saw in movies a scene of woman or man swimming underwater in sea or in a pool? Not only in movies but in Animes, too.
But I'm aware that what I do in DeviantArt isn't 100% decent.

What I do in DeviantArt as SGD?
-Anime underwater themed games with RPG Maker.
-I will try to develop underwater themed games with Unity in future when I learn how to use it.
-Now I'm going to start making underwater drawings of my characters and introduce it in DeviantArt.

For the ones that likes Anime Underwater things, feel free to watch me and be my friend because I will do the same.
For the ones that doesn't like Anime Underwater things, but have interest in technology or loves Animes, feel free to watch me and be my friend because I will do the same.
So, now I will try to do all I can to raise SGD popularity in AnimeUW community with the help of my friends in AnimeUW community.

Thank for your time and attention.

Contact SGD by
Skype: SecretGameDeveloper SGD

The links of my Friends/Brothers/Bros of AnimeUW community that helped me and still helping me, if you're an AnimeUW fan and have time, please visit the links:

*Archaeophoenixu's blog(UWAnime scenes from anime episodes)*

*animeunderwater blog Emre(BH scenes from anime episodes and a nice review of my game)*…

*TheAnimeUW Archaeophoenixu and Emre YouTube channel(Videos of UWAnime scenes from anime episodes and shoutout videos of my games)*…

*sean shanley YouTube channel(Videos of gameplays or let's play videos of UWGames + other genres + my games)*…

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  • Listening to: ZARD - 負けないで
Hello ladies and gentleman or boys and girls!

Here it's SecretGameDeveloper (SGD) writing another journal... so, I was bit inactive in this month and last month since when I posted a fan art, in this journal I will tell my plans for this year on DeviantArt.
I started Graphic Design course (not at University), I will learn how to use two softwares for drawing, I will learn a bit of flash (related with games but... people say that flash aren't being used too much nowadays... but let's see how it will works, right?) and Illustrator.
So, why I decided to start this course? Because you don't find too much job market in games in my country so... gaphics design is something more easy to find at where I live, I know that people will complain saying that I must keep with games but... don't worry, I won't stop with game development, game development will be my main priority until I die or at my last days, and drawings will be my second priority.

1st Main Priority: Game Development: My dream since young boy.
2nd Sub Priority: Drawings, Art: I draw since my 12 years old, doing traditional art of anime characters that I watched, just recently that I started making digital art of my own characters.

So what I will do in this 2017 on DeviantArt?
- Soon I will make a post about my Rules & Policy in my DeviantArt, because my DeviantArt already have one year of existence and it's time, right? 
- Soon I will open a post with requests, underwater drawing requests and with all the RULES, of course. So, if you're my watcher... stay tuned! :) (Smile)
- I will open NEW three drawing modes called:
[TRIBUTE] I will make tribute of something that was part of my life, but you will understand when I post something of it. :D (Big Grin)
[MAGUW] Meaning "MangaAnimeGameUnderWater" - characters from Manga or Anime or Game, I saw that many artist in AnimeUW community are making drawing of anime characters so... I will try the same idea, isn't a bad idea, don't you think? But you will understand when I post something of it. :) (Smile)
[PRACTICE] At where I will practice my drawing skills of all and underwater of course, or maybe normal or non-underwater drawings, too? Can I? Nod
- And soon... I will start developing Operation: UWR Demo!!! :) (Smile)

Before concluding...
This year I really want to evolve and improve things and me in DeviantArt, so to make it happen, I will need all the support from you people and my watchers, too.
So... to make things more fair, if you help me, I will help you, too.
Something like... [MY HELP] trade for [YOUR HELP] || [YOUR HELP] trade for [MY HELP] or we can make a deal about it.
I will try to be fair with everybody here and I will be really grateful if you really support me, that will mean a lot to me. :) (Smile)

Yes, now I'm a bit positive. If I want something, I have to fight for it and think positive!
We know that life is hard and it's like a long journey and adventure but... Life is to face problems, there's no life without problems...
You will notice that I pointed out a music, ZARD is a japanese band from 90s (my era! The 90s Heart), the music is called Makenaide translated would be Don't Lose, it's a beautiful and motivational music! I recommend listening to this music and the musics from Zard.
RIP Sakai Izumi-san (the vocalist), a great and beautiful singer.
Thanks to my parents that told me about ZARD, but I'm not fan because I don't know many musics yet.

Thank you very much for the attention and peace to all brothers and sisters!!! Huggle!
[FAN ART] Coral's underwater apnea or meditation?
Drawing, background, fishes and effects:
By SecretGameDeveloper (SGD).

SGD's notes:
-What made me drawing this? My friend in DeviantArt :icondoctorh: a.k.a Umibuta (I call him in this way), did a great fan art of my 1st game "UWAdventure!", to be honest I really loved that fan art and Umibuta was the 1st person that did a fan art of something that I created and for me it's a honor, I know that's too late and I know that I was a bit selfish but... as thanks I decided to make a drawing of his character Coral.
-I think that I could draw a better body this time? Well in my opinion... I think so.
-The color patterns are a bit different from the original colors, I hope the owner of the character doesn't complain about it.
-I know that my drawing doesn't have the same quality as the fan art that he did for me... but well, I hope Umibuta really enjoy this fan art.
-This one have plot, please... be sure to read it and interact with the drawing.

Coral belongs to: :icondoctorh:

My 4th UnderWater Drawing Project.

Please, be sure to visit his DA page, he really deserves it.
It seems that you can make a request for him but don't forget! He can't promise on speed!
DoctorH's (Umibuta's) DeviantArt page:

UW Adventure! by DoctorH (Umibuta) DeviantArt post:…

How I made this drawing with STEPS:
STEP 1: Making raw drawing in A4 paper using mechanical pencil, eraser and ruler (some of these are obvious SGD!).
STEP 2: Scanning the raw drawing.
STEP 3: Editing the raw drawing with editing software (

Image description:
In this drawing you can see Coral and she loves training or practicing apnea, she decided to train or practice apnea to see if she can improve her lungs and her max breath holding time.
She chose a peaceful place to practice for example... at the bottom of the river of a waterfall like we see in some animes, she's not alone because you can see that some fishes are around her, it seems that the Tilapia loved her and the Tucunare was surprised by seeing her...
You can see that she's is holding something in her hands like... rocks? So... some people know that people can sink to the bottom by exhaling almost all the air from their lungs or using a weight belt or with something heavy or with a big rock, Coral is a smart girl and she chose the right way of doing it.


-Out of the water-
Coral: Let's train or practice apnea, I really have to improve my lungs and my max breath holding time.
Coral: Um... today I chose a wonderful mizugi to practice, I really love this mizugi!
Coral: Alright... first let's check the water temperature!
Coral: Um, the water it's a bit cold... but no problem.
Coral: Well let's stretch for a bit, always is good.
Narrator: After stretching for a bit...
Coral: Very good, I think that I'm ready to enter in the water.
Coral: Aaah... here's a awesome place for training... waterfall... fishes... nature... aaah... I love it.
Narrator: Coral takes some distance and jump into the water and... "SPLASH!"

-At the water surface-
Coral: Umn, "GASP!" Huuuuf!
Coral: Aaah... the water is great!
Coral: Huh? I can see something at the bottom... I wonder what's it.
Narrator: Coral puts her face underwater...
Coral: (My vision it's a bit blurry... I can't see too much but... I suppose there's fishes at the bottom!)
Coral: "GASP!"
Coral: So... I'm not going to be alone, I will have fishes as company!
Coral: Very good, it's time start!
Coral: Um... it's going to be a bit hard to sink to the bottom and stay still... what should I do?
Coral: Let me think... EUREKA!
Coral: I know three ways that will help me with that!
Coral: The first one... exhaling almost all the air from my lungs.
Coral: No, it's a bad idea... the air in my lungs is very important, I couldn't stay for too long with my lungs almost empty...
Coral: The second one... using a weight belt.
Coral: Ah no...! I don't have one with me...
Coral: The third one... sinking with something heavy or with a big rock.
Coral: Aha, I know what to do! I can use two of my crystals, they're not too heavy so... I will be able to sink and come up for air without any problems!
Narrator: Coral takes two of her crystals...
Coral: Awesome, now everything is ready!
Coral: Before I dive, first I need to do some breathing preparations...
Coral: Take a deep breath and exhale slowly.... Take a deep breath and exhale slowly....
Narrator: After doing some breathing preparations, Coral inhales all the air she can...
Coral: Suuu... Haaa... Suuu... Haaa... Suuu... Haaa... Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...!
Narrator: Coral dives and sinks with the help of her crystals...

-Sinking underwater-
Coral: (It's working, I'm sinking!)
Coral: (Wow, I'm getting deeper and deeper...)
Coral: (My vision it's a bit blurry... But I can see a bit better... hehe, I can see the fishes!)
Narrator: Coral it's almost reaching at the bottom...
Coral: (It's getting a bit cold and a bit darker...)
Coral: (Alright, almost at the bottom... now I have to focus, try not to move and save my air...)

-At the bottom-
Coral: (Here I am...)
Coral: (Now what I need to do is... endure the pain that will come... exhale a bit of air as the pain gets worse... surpass my limits until the end... and of course, avoid drowning myself...)
Narrator: After one minute...
Coral: (Um... one minute already, I'm doing great! I'm not feeling any burning sensation in my lungs...)
Coral: (Huh...? Hey look, there's two fishes approaching...)
Coral: (Hey lovely ones... how you two doing...?)
Coral: (Huhu, it seems that one loved me... but the other seems to be a bit surprised...?)
Coral: (Oh no! I shouldn't do that, I have to focus!)
Coral: (I'm really sorry lovely ones... but I have to focus here ok...?)
Narrator: We're not finished yet... it's up to you now to say what will happen... use your imagination!

Character: Coral.
Monokini color: Light Blue.
Fingernails color: Purple.
Max breath holding time: Long breath holding... let's say... 04:30? According to Umibuta.
Finally my DeviantArt got 6000 pageviews!!!
I really want to thanks all the people that have been visiting my DA and supporting me, that means a lot.
The people: The people from DA and all my watchers / friends.

My goal is to get 10000 pageviews until the end of 2017, I know that's gonna take some time to reach into that but... I won't lose hope yet.

Well I'm really sorry, I couldn't bring something good to thanks for the 6000 pageviews but... I'm finishing a fan art for a watcher / friend in DA, I will post it as soon as I finish it.
That's it, thanks a lot for everything!!! :) (Smile) :happybounce: 
  • Listening to: T-Square Faces & Roupa Nova Tema da Vitória
I'm not used to write Journal but here I am.
Today in March 21, 2017, Ayrton Senna would be with 57th years old if he was alive.
Ayrton Senna was a person that represented a lot my country Brasil or Brazil...
Ayrton Senna was a very humble person...
Ayrton Senna was a example of person...
Ayrton Senna always love what he did...
Ayrton Senna teached to a lot of people to not give up on your dreams...
Ayrton Senna served as inspiration for many people...

People that was with me from the beginning, knows that I'm big fan of Ayrton Senna and F1 and I did a tribute for him in my 1st game "UnderwaterAdventure!" with Aya at finals of swimming race of 2025 cutscene.
This year I did a tribute for him as my real identity, but as SGD I did anything so... I'm writing this journal to remember him.

A quote from Ayrton Senna that I want to point out (translated by me, may have some grammar errors):
"If you want to be succeeded, you need to have total dedication, search your last limit and give your best."
Ayrton Senna 1960 - 1994

Ayrton Senna is a person that must be always remembered, his legend must be passed down for generation to generation!
Thank you very much Senna, for everything! You will be always in our hearts!
[NEW / UPDATE 1] 2017 My Characters, My Creations!
SGD's notes:
-New feature: The countries that are with golden edge means... that a new character has been created or added to that country.
-Countries are in alphabetical order.
-I changed design of the edges.
-I tried to use the correct colors of the flags.

By SecretGameDeveloper (SGD) With RPG Maker VX Ace character generator using some improved packages

Pixel Art by SecretGameDeveloper (SGD)

Edited by SecretGameDeveloper (SGD) with

-Question and Answers-

Q: Why do you have a lot of brazilian characters? WTF?!
A: Hmm, it's because I'm from Brazil, It's rare to see brazilian characters in games and anime, so that's why I'm introducing brazilian characters.

Q: Why characters from different countries?
A: This is how I do my characters, based on people from other countries... but their appearances aren't 100% correct. If you played Street Fighter or Tekken you will get my idea.

Q: Can I request my country or... other country?
A: Sure thing, this can help me a bit, you just have to comment a country in the comments and I will see if I can add in my games.


UWA! = Character from the game "UnderwaterAdventure!"
QUW! = Character from the game "QuestsUnderwater!"
OUR = Character from the game "Operation Underwater Ruins"

Zahra (OUR) and Camila (OUR).

Afghanistan: Cyrus (QUW!).

Argentina: Anahi (QUW!).

Australia: Phoebe (QUW!).

Brazil: Júlia (UA!), Flávia (UWA!), Bruna (UWA!), Rosângela (QUW!), Samanta (QUW!), Tainá (QUW!), Iara (QUW!), Juraci (QUW!), Pedro (QUW!), Capitão (QUW!), Santinha (QUW!), Leandra (QUW!), Silvio (QUW!) and Roberta (QUW!).

Canada: Chloe (QUW!).

China: Mei (UWA!) and Xiuying (QUW!).

Egypt: Zahra (OUR).

France: Claire (QUW!).

Germany: Lorelei (UWA!) and Magdalena (QUW!).

Greece: Athena (QUW!) and Ophelia (QUW!).

India: Mohana (UWA!) and Sharmila (QUW!).

Italy: Mauro (UWA!).

Japan: Takeshi (UWA!), Hibiki (UWA!), Hana (UWA!), Hina (UWA!), Kagura (UWA!), Kaguya (UWA!), Hikari (UWA!), Himawari (QUW!), Ryu (QUW!), Yuria (QUW!), Sousuke (QUW!), Tsukiko (QUW!), Yoshito (QUW!), Satoko (QUW!), Tsuyoshi (QUW!) and Ryoko (QUW!).

Japan/Brazil: Aya (UWA!) and Leandro (QUW!).

Korea: Hye (QUW!).

Malaysia/Singapore: Louis (QUW!).

Mexico: Juana (UA!) and Carmen (QUW!).

Palestine/Israel: Aminta (QUW!).

Poland: Iwona (QUW!).

Romania: Ruxandra (QUW!).

Russia: Svetlana (UWA!), Katerinka (QUW!), Yuri (QUW!) and Irina (QUW!).

Russia/Brazil: Andrey (UWA!).

South Africa: Shanika (QUW!).

Turkey: Ceren (UWA!), Nesrin (QUW!), Hakan (QUW!) and Esin (QUW!).

Turkey/Brazil: Camila (OUR).

U.K.: Chandler (QUW!).

U.S.A.: Ginny (UWA!) and Jenny (QUW!).

Unknown Country: Kuroyuki (UWA!), Aloisia (UWA!), Maya (QUW!), Juliet (QUW!), Cerena (QUW!), Rheia (QUW!), Galene (QUW!), Bethesda (QUW!), Eidothea (QUW!), Skylla (QUW!), Ligeia (QUW!), Valkyrie (QUW!), Sigmundr (QUW!), Ayaka (QUW!), SGD2025 (UWA!) and SGD1225 (QUW!).


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Diakon454 Featured By Owner Edited Apr 11, 2017
I made some calculations. If you can maintain the increase of pagevievs per day by the end of this year you should hit more less 13000 pageviews. I just wanted to do that for a while.
SecretGameDeveloper Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2017
That's good, now I'm a bit inactive because I'm doing some stuff... but soon I will start posting things and tell the new plans for this year.
COMPUTERMANMIK428 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2017
welcome back :)
SecretGameDeveloper Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2017
Thank you Dave.
COMPUTERMANMIK428 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2017
yw :)
TheThunder-Art Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thought you left for good because I heard your UW games bombed or something.
SecretGameDeveloper Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2017
Hello my friend, the games being bombed wasn't the only reason, the other reason was: I had some problems in the beginning of 2017, but now I changed my mind.
I decided to resurrect in DA and continue with UW things and introducing new things for example, UW drawings.
I'm going to be different now, I will try to be a better person and stay closer to the others in AnimeUW community.
I was going to ask for being member of your group (you already did it), I will do your fan art when I finish some drawings and I post in your group if you allow me to do it.
Anyways, if there's something that I can do for you, feel free to contact me.
TheThunder-Art Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Take your time with whatever you need to do.
aniviod2904 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017
o.o! you´re back... i was worried since you been nice to me in my new year journal entry and i didn´t have time to talk with you
SecretGameDeveloper Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017
That's ok, I had some problems in the beginning of 2017, but now I changed my mind.
I will keep doing my things in DA, I resurrected in DA.
If there's something that I can do for you, feel free to tell or contact me.
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